Financial Uncertainty


Comparing James 5: 1-3 with Ezekiel 7: 19 , It seems the world money system will crash, with people throwing their silver in the streets. This is linked to God’s wrath in Ezekiel. Do you think that the ultimate economic crash will then be reserved for the tribulation period ?


It would take very little for the world’s money system to crash, and as soon as it suits the purpose of America’s enemies to do so, this will happen. Iran is actively undermining the dollar’s international value and China has made rumblings lately about selling off its substantial dollar reserves. This one act would send the US economy into a tail spin that would soon have world wide implications. The average American has no idea what a house of cards our financial system has become. Our adversaries now have more control over our economy than we do and will soon be able to dictate terms to us if they so desire.

But the ultimate melt down will come during the Great Tribulation where people will spend a whole days wages just for enough to feed themselves. Rev. 6:6 shows this as beginning even before the Great Tribulation kicks off.

In spite of all of this, notice how after condemning the rich James counseled believers to wait patiently for the Lord’s coming. (James 5:1-8) He obviously wasn’t talking to the people of his era but of ours. The uncertainty of world financial markets, when added to the other signs we see, tells us that the Lord’s return for His Church will happen soon.