The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


I’ve been wondering, is there anything in prophecy that addresses the radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown? I live near the CA coast and have a retreat up north. Everything I read from prophecy buffs says the whole Pacific Coast and Hawaii will be radioactive soon. Frankly, the East Coast isn’t any safer for a number of reasons. How should we address this threat when people bring it to mind?


I’ve been following the Fukushima disaster and I’m familiar with the predictions about its effect on the North American west coast. I’ve included reports of it in our “Prophecy in the Headlines” feature because I think it may point to the progressive poisoning of Earth’s water supply foretold in Rev. 8:11 and Rev. 16:3-4. So far, reports are predictably extreme but I haven’t seen any kind of probability study or reliable time frame. We’ll just have to wait a while to get the whole story.