Coming Financial Disaster?


One of the things that is scaring me badly is a book that (a well known Bible teacher) has written and of course wants me to buy. The promo he wrote about our economy’s inflation refers to Revelation 6 and the onset of the Tribulation. He almost makes it sound like that’s where we are now or at the onset of the Tribulation! Is our economy this bad off? Is the U.S. headed any day now for a monetary crisis?

It seems like if I don’t purchase this book then I won’t know what to do to take care myself and my family in case this happens. I know I’m suppose to trust the Lord for all my needs but this kind of literature scares me half to death! Please could you let me know whether or not the U.S. is headed for a economic disaster any day now?


I’ve known (this teacher) for about 20 years now and for all that time he’s had a concern for the US economy. If you notice, these concerns, like those that have been voiced by others periodically over the last couple of decades, are based on the supposition that the US will stay on its current path. If we do then his predictions are correct, but we can’t. The country’s current situation was created by our decision to go into Iraq 5 years ago. The war is costing us over $100,000 per minute! Prior to that the US had several years of budget surpluses and our economy was very strong. Don’t get me wrong, I think the war was necessary but it’s very expensive. The political reality is that something has to change soon, and it will.

There are also serious attempts by China, Iran, and others to cripple the US financially because they can’t beat us militarily and this is compounding the matter.

We all know that one day soon, by some means, the US will face a serious and permanent decline. While it’s not time to panic, I do believe we’re fast approaching the time after which any measured effort to re-order our personal financial priorities will be too little, too late. We should all be working now to eliminate as much debt (credit cards, 2nd mortgages, installment loans, etc.) as we can, as quickly as possible and reducing our living expenses to a point where we can survive financially in the event our income or the value of our money declines suddenly.

If you decide to get this book, or one like it, remember that its purpose is to scare you into action. Both (this teacher) and I agree that we’re not at Rev. 6 and as believers we never will be because the rapture will happen first. But the average American family is long overdue for a serious financial overhaul, regardless of the state of our economy.