Financial Debt And The Rapture


In your response to the question of how to prepare for the Rapture you said to remove as much debt as possible, or words to that effect. I was a member of a church where the pastor said that debt was not a problem. If the Church was in a lot of debt at the Rapture let Satan and his followers settle with the debt after the Church is gone. What do you think about that?


What I actually said was to start getting rid of as much debt as possible to mitigate the effects of a decline in the value of the US dollar, which many experts believe may be forthcoming. Obviously, the same goes for churches, who would likely feel the pinch to an even greater degree.

Running up debt in hopes of a soon coming Rapture is not a financially sound strategy, not for a family, and not for a church. It’s poor stewardship, it violates Biblical admonitions for fiscal responsibility, and if we’re wrong and the Lord tarries, it could do damage to our Christian witness to those around us.