Is A Little Debt OK?


My question is about debt. Anymore, it’s almost impossible to not have some debt. I have student loans from college. I have a mortgage and a couple of small interest free credit card balances. I tithe faithfully and I’m gradually paying these debts off while not incurring any more debt.

What does God’s word specifically say about debt? Is it better to have more debt and more money put away for emergencies or is it better to have less cash on hand and less debt? I’m getting concerned with my situation since I see all of the political changes coming. I believe I will be raptured, but I feel like I need to prepare in case the Lord tarries. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Your question really deals with our world view as Christians. In whom do we place our trust? Ourselves or God? The secular world says that debt in times of inflation is good because the dollar you use to repay it tomorrow will be worth less than the dollar you borrowed today. It also tells us that having an emergency fund is a good idea.

But the Bible views debt as a form of enslavement (Proverbs 22:7), and tells us that the money we store up for an unknown future may become worthless or wind up going to others (Matt. 6:19).

The idea is that the Lord has an inexhaustible supply of money, knows in advance what our needs are, and has promised to meet them if we’ll focus on seeking His kingdom and His righteousness. We should trust Him to do that and use whatever wealth we’re given to further the work of His Kingdom (Matt.6:25-34). He calls doing that storing up treasure in Heaven (Matt. 6:20).

Therefore, I applaud your efforts to pay off your existing debt while not incurring any new debt. One day soon you’ll be free.