Gentiles Saved After The Rapture


Can gentile people who miss the rapture still be saved during the tribulation? Thanks for any help you can give me with this question.


You may be reacting to the same eMail I got from someone teaching that no gentiles will be saved after the rapture. So let’s set the record straight once again.

According to Rev. 7:9-10 a large number of believers from every nation, tribe, people and language show up in Heaven following the 6th Seal judgment. Since they come from all over the world and from every people group it’s clear that many of them are gentiles who will have died for their faith. The Church will be raptured before the seal judgments begin so these martyrs are called tribulation saints by many scholars. And notice they aren’t described as kings and priests who will live in the New Jerusalem like the Church is. Instead, although they are not priests, they will serve God day and night in His Temple (Rev. 7:15). There is no Temple in the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:22).

The logical conclusion is that they will have become believers after the rapture, perhaps as a result of seeing friends and loved ones suddenly disappear like they were told would happen. Realizing they’ve been left behind they will wake up to the truth and literally give their lives to the Lord. Although martyrdom is a hard way to go, in Rev. 8:6 we can see that the living who remain on Earth will soon envy them.