Help! I’m Pregnant


I have been with a man for almost five years, I just recently found out that I am three months pregnant with his child. He was married and is going through a divorce, but not because of me. I know babies that are conceived are looked at as being blessings from God. Please help me and him to see this and that we were given this chance for a reason because some people can not have children. Please help me.


I don’t know what the underlying motivation for your question is, but it sounds like you and your baby’s father disagree on what should be done about your pregnancy. You’ve written to a Christian site but you don’t indicate whether or not you and he are born again believers. However, you need to understand that although God desires to bless you, He can not do so for anyone who is living outside the requirements of His righteousness. Where a sexual relationship is concerned you must be married in your eyes and God’s to enjoy His blessings.

You’ve been together for 5 years but your partner is still not divorced from his wife. Why not? Are you living together? How can you consider yourselves married to each other if he’s still married to someone else? Are you hoping that this pregnancy will convince him to finally complete his divorce proceedings and make a commitment to you? These are questions you need to answer for yourself.

Whether you’re believers or not, the two of you have initiated a new life for which you are both responsible. Now you need to work together to protect and nurture your baby to adulthood. I don’t know whether you’re considering this, but even though man’s laws permit terminating your pregnancy, God’s law does not and He will hold you responsible for your baby’s well being.

I suggest that you take this event as a sign from God that He wants the two of you to get right with Him and each other and start preparing for your baby’s arrival. Only then can you begin to enjoy the blessings He desires to give you through this child.