Hidden Away Or Watchng The Judgment Of Earth?


I was presented with an interesting question today and I don’t have good answer. The person was telling me that traditional Jewish weddings have a 7 day sequester of the bride and groom. I do not know if that is true or not. But the question is this; Since Jesus went to prepare a place for us. Will we be sequestered for the 70th Week in the mansion as the OT brides where or will we be able to watch the rest of prophecy fulfilled from our mansion room window?


Isaiah 26:20 says we’re to go to our rooms, shut the door behind us and hide ourselves until the Lord’s wrath has passed by. I’m familiar with the tradition that the bride and groom sequestered themselves for seven days following their wedding. This would have been the first time they were ever alone together. It was their time to get acquainted and make plans for their future together. It was their version of a honeymoon.

It’s not hard see the rapture being followed by Daniel’s 70th week as a fulfillment of this tradition. Personally I don’t believe we’ll have any interest in watching what will be happening on Earth, even if it is possible to do so. First, these judgments will be worse than anything that’s ever happened before, and it won’t be a pretty sight. And second, we’ll be with the Lord. We will be seeing Him face to face for the first time, so it will be our time to become better acquainted and learn about our future together. I can’t imagine anything else being interesting enough to distract us.