How About Sharing eMail Addresses?


I noticed that a lot of people visit your website. I was just wondering if you could make their email addresses available to the visitors on your site so we can interact. Very good questions are asked and you do a fantastic job of answering. Wouldnt it be great if we could all interact and maybe more studying and more questions would arise. I believe it would be a great learning tool and with you as our teacher how can we go wrong? What do you think?


Thanks for the suggestion. Since ours is a teaching site and not one intended to encourage discussion, we made the decision to go with a Q & A format rather than a forum as a way for visitors to respond to the articles and studies we post. There are already a number of popular sites on the internet that allow undirected discussion about Biblical topics.

To encourage questions on personal issues we also we also made the decision not to include names or eMail addresses when we post questions. In this way a large audience can benefit from answers to personal or intimate questions without jeopardizing anyone’s privacy. Some people send questions that they ask not be posted, and others ask that we disguise their questions to protect their privacy and we honor those wishes as well. This gives people a chance to receive answers to questions they would not feel comfortable asking even their pastor or counselor.