Sharing The Gospel


I have a desire to share the Gospel and yet I’m also aware of the warnings of being a teacher, handling the Word of God, etc. My problem is that every time I share my knowledge of Jesus, I find myself walking away thinking, “Boy did I blow that!” and this fear of not handling God’s Word correctly comes over me. So in my sincerest desire of wanting to share and witness I find myself being a blubbering idiot most of the time. I so badly want to decrease so that He may increase but so far sharing the Gospel like trying to speak a totally different language. Is this normal? What advice can you give me?


The better you know the information you’re trying to present, the easier it will be to relax and let the Holy Spirit guide you. The best advice I can give you is to keep studying and learning. Take advantage of the opportunities put before you, and stop worrying about how you’re coming across. Each exposure gives you experience, and each experience makes you better.

Above all, remember that we’re not responsible for the outcome, just the effort, and the Lord doesn’t lose anyone just because we don’t give a perfect presentation of the Gospel.

Speaking of preaching the Gospel, Paul said that one man plants the seed and another waters it, but God makes it grow. Neither the one who plants, nor the one who waters are anything, but only God who makes things grow. (1 Cor. 3:6-7)