How Can I Stop Doubting The Pre-Trib Rapture?


My question is this; As followers of Jesus and believers in the pre-trib rapture, how can we protect ourselves from re-occurring doubts about the rapture? I am surrounded by opposition to faith in the rapture and often begin to think that I might be so motivated to believe that I convince myself it is truth, especially when the Bible can be interpreted to say otherwise at times. Do you have any suggestions beyond the basics of nurturing our faith such as time in fellowship with the Lord, time studying His word, fellowship with like-minded believers, etc.?


The exact timing of the Rapture cannot be known in advance. But I disagree with you that the Bible can be interpreted to say any thing other than pre-trib and still remain true to its intent. There are several indications, both implicit and explicit, that require a pre-trib rapture. To arrive at any different conclusion requires either a departure from a strict literal interpretation or worse, an actual re-interpretation of Scripture.

The way you protect yourself from doubts about the rapture’s timing is to know your scripture so well that you can’t be confused or misled by others. It’s not just a matter of faith. It’s a matter of understanding all the the Bible teaches about the Church. By gaining this knowledge you can know for certain that the rapture will precede all the end times judgments.