How Can There Be Sin In The Millennium?


I have been reading about the millennium. I am a little confused on what your stance is on sin during the millennium after reading some of your posts. If Satan is bound for the thousand years and isn’t able to deceive the nations, how can there be any rebellion during this time? With Christ ruling with a rod of iron it doesn’t leave any room for choice until after the 1000 years is completed. It seems to me that at the end, when Satan is released, people can again make their choice on who they want to serve. But after serving Christ Jesus for 1000 years, it simply baffles me why they would choose the enemy. Whats your take?


Those who rebel will be the descendants of believing Tribulation Survivors who will come into the Millennial Kingdom on Earth in their natural human state. Like all natural beings they will have a sin nature and will be no different from children of believers today. Some follow in the faith of their fathers while others don’t, even in the face of incredible blessing.

Natural man doesn’t need Satan to rebel against God. All he needs is a sin nature. Remember, Israel lived in the presence of God when He served as their King, and they rebelled, even when it meant choosing captivity over obedience. The future will be no different than the past. The lesson of the Millennium is there is no circumstance under which natural man can live a life pleasing to God.