How Did Satan Become Evil?


At the end of Genesis 1, God said everything was “very good”. That statement right there precludes any possibility of evil existing during the creation week.

If everything was made in the presence of God where darkness cannot exist then how could Satan be tempted to be full of pride? in other words, how is it known that the concept of evil/darkness/sin could be chosen over God’s way? or, what would cause Satan to seek out something that he’s not aware of?


I don’t think Satan and the other angelic beings were part of the Biblical creation. According to Job 38:4-7 they all shouted for joy when the foundations of Earth were laid. This would indicate they already existed when Earth came to be. Since they’re all created beings, they must have been created earlier.

Ezekiel 28 :15 says that Satan’s ways were perfect until wickedness was found in Him. The Hebrew word for wickedness comes from a root meaning “to act wrongfully or unjustly”, so the wickedness was found by observing his actions. I think this implies that angels as well as men have agency, or free will to choose their behavior. Although Satan was the first to rebel he was by no means the last. We all have the potential for evil.