How Much Time Between Psalm 83 And Ezekiel 38?


What is your opinion, how much time could pass between Israel’s “Psalm 83 Victory” and the Ezekiel 38-39 Battle? What could be the possible time-frame: a couple of months,a few years, a decade or more? Thanks your help!


The Bible doesn’t give any hints about this. But if it unfolds as we suspect, there will just be enough time for Israel to relax and enjoy the peace that will result to the point where Russia and Iran can pull off a sneak attack. If history is any indication, it probably won’t take very long.

I’m always amazed at how naive people can be. I remember the euphoria people felt when the Soviet Union collapsed. Many thought the armies of the West should be disbanded immediately. They called the money this would save “the peace dividend” and wanted it diverted to other purposes immediately.