Impatient To Learn Everything


Thank you again for your ministry, you have helped us to rightly discern God’s truths. I have a relative who is a fairly new Christian, and who wants to understand Scripture NOW, right now, and when he doesn’t, he has a tendency to think that it’s because the Bible too vague in place and some of it doesn’t really apply anymore, or is not true. He professes his faith in the LORD, but hasn’t yet done any in-depth Bible study. What do you recommend?


People spend all their lives studying the Bible. They find some parts, such as those having to do with salvation, easily and quickly understood. Other parts, like the study of God’s character, require lots of time and patience. God wrote the book like this on purpose. He wants the study of His word to be a life long endeavor. But He also wants it to be an enjoyable experience, just as exciting for the seasoned scholar as it is for the new believer. Your friend’s impatience is a human trait and is not coming from the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 2:14). He should pray for wisdom and spiritual understanding (James 1:5-8).

I recommend the Gospel of Mark for your friend. It’s a fast-moving account of the Lord’s life and will give him the background he needs to pursue other studies.