An Intellectual Seeker?


I co-lead a Men’s Group in our Church. We have a very intelligent retired Phycology Professional in our group. He states he does not believe in sin, hell, heaven nor the Deity of Jesus. He sees the Bible as just another book of Truth, and picks and chooses from it to suit his needs to learn – as he would from any other book. This man is 84, and he is willing to gamble his eternity on his own philosophical views and beliefs. I do not know what to say to such an intellectual ‘seeker’. Right now, I just pray for him. He is a very kind and nice man; but just so lost in his own “worldly intellect” ! What should I do?


I don’t believe this man is a “seeker.” I believe he is there to cause you and others in your group to begin having second thoughts about your belief. Whether they consciously intend to be or not, people like this are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and in your place I would be very careful about letting him participate in any discussions, especially if you have new or “fragile” believers in your group. Remember, the purpose of small groups is to strengthen each other in the faith, and in my opinion this can only be accomplished through a study of God’s word with like minded people.