Seeker Friendly Signs


What are some major signs of a church falling into apostasy? I ask because I fear the church my husband and I have been attending for over 7 years may be slipping in the Emergent/Seeker Friendly category. Most classes are now being taught from books associated with contemplative prayer and meditation. We have also introduced a class on intercessory prayer being taught from a book by a known false prophet. Based on what I have shared with you, and yes, there is more, would you say it’s time to move on or are we wrong in our observations?


Some signs that a church may be moving toward the Emergent/Seeker Friendly format are a greater focus on the entertainment value of the worship service with music, drama, etc, de-emphasizing anything in the message that would make an unbeliever uncomfortable such as the fact that we’re all sinners who need to be born again, talking more about things people can do to help others, and in other ways making church a place where unbelievers can enjoy attending and feel like they’re doing some good, without having to confront the Gospel. Leaders often use terms like “making followers of Jesus, not just believers”, but in fact believing is rarely addressed. Some leaders of the movement have said that the goal is to have a congregation consist of no more than 50% believers.