Signs And Wonders


There is a movie circulating around the charismatic community that primarily highlights the workings of charismatic faith healers throughout the world.

I have read about the risks of the signs and wonders movement bringing the church toward a dangerous new age philosophy. However, thousands are being brought to Christ in Asia and Africa through transforming miracles.

The film states the purpose of the signs and wonders are to bring intellectually stagnant, skeptics, and doubters to more of a child-like belief and faith of which Christ teaches. These people appear to be tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit with the end goal to live a life like Christ’s. If so many are being brought to Christ then how can this be a bad thing?


My only problem with signs and wonders is when they’re used to promote false doctrine. Jesus said that no one could do a miracle in His name in one minute and in the next, say something bad about Him. (Mark 9:39) To me that means that those who teach false doctrine have to be performing counterfeit miracles.

I too believe that the Holy Spirit is doing miraculous things in Asia and Africa just now. But when some of the leaders over there preach about “seeing” born again believers suffering in Hell because of their sins, they’re denying the sufficiency of the cross. That’s false doctrine.

Remember, Satan will lead the world astray through the performance of counterfeit miracles. (2 Thes. 2:9) And Jesus said that not everyone who claimed to have performed miracles in His name would enter the Kingdom, but would be denied entrance. (Matt. 7:21-23) Be a Berean (Acts 17:11) and check the doctrine before believing the miracle.