Am I In A Seeker Friendly Church?


I have a question concerning the seeker/friendly church. The church I attend is very seeker/friendly I think. For example their are no crosses put in the church or at least where they may be a “distraction” because “we want to be sensitive to new people who are coming in for the first time.” The open study of end times is considered a distraction from the mission of the church and is not considered a priority.

Also lately I have considered giving my tithe to another ministry, one where it is being used to truely push the Kingdom forward in serious ways. It seems that the churches tithes are going toward paying off a building that was filled with expensive stuff. What do you think?


So-called seeker friendly churches got their name by being ultra-sensitive to the needs of non-believers. To that end, they usually don’t talk about sin or the need to be born again, they don’t read from the Bible, and they normally don’t get into a very intense form of worship. The whole idea is to keep things light, friendly, and entertaining, avoiding anything that would “scare people away.”

Lots of good Bible believing churches have coffee and snacks and expensive sound systems. It’s the absence of Biblical content in favor of a socially stimulating environment that makes for a seeker friendly church.

You are not required to pay all of your tithe to your local church, especially if you don’t feel you’re being fed there. The tithe is God’s money and can be used where ever He’s working