Is Abortion Permitted To Save The Mom?


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was asked a question for which I really had no answer. Question is very simple and straightforward. Say a mother is pregnant and is having complications during her pregnancy and giving birth to a child may cause her to loose her life. In this case would abortion be valid to save the mother or are we to save the child?


There are no conditions that permit suspension of the commandment against murder in cases like this. One Biblical case comes to mind where Rachael died giving birth to Benjamin. Although Rachael was the love of his life, it never occurred to Jacob to ask God to spare her and take the child instead. Nor did he attempt to influence the outcome by any direct action. (Gen. 35:16-18)

These things are meant to fall within the Lord’s purview and when we take matters into our own hands we’re usurping His authority.