Saving My Mom


I am a born again Christian, however my family is not. Does Acts 16:31 apply to my family because I believe in Christ Jesus? The reason for my question is because my Mom is from Thailand. I know she believes in God but she doesn’t understand that salvation is through Jesus. I’ve tried to explain it to her but I don’t think I’ve been successful. If Act 16:31 doesn’t apply to a believer and his family, can you explain (put in context) the passage for me. Thanks for your wonderful words of wisdom and the encouragement you have given me through your website.


Sorry, but your mom is not automatically saved just because you are. By reading the whole passage (Acts 16:31-34) you can see that Paul’s initial comment about the jailer’s family in verse 31 was a prophecy. Verse 32 says Paul and Silas spoke the word of the Lord to all the others in the jailer’s house. The fact that the whole family was baptized (verse 34) tells us they all believed and were saved.

I suggest you either ask the Holy Spirit to give you the language skills, or find a believer who speaks and reads the Thai language to help you, so you can explain the gospel message to your mom. That way she make an informed decision about her salvation.