Is Ezekiel 38 Coming Now?


About a year ago a theologian came to our church and spoke on Psalm 83 and Ezek. 38/39. He said they would happen at the same time, because Ezek. 38 references others besides those named as involved in the alliance. Could we be seeing this taking place now? Iran has begun moving troops into Syria to support its leader against the uprising. What if Russia and Iran are both able to move heavy units into Syria?


The main problem I have with the idea of current events morphing into the Ezekiel 38 war is Ezekiel’s statement that Israel will be a peaceful and unsuspecting people at the time (Ezekiel 38:11). The things happening in the Middle East right now are having the opposite effect on Israel. They are prepared for war and alert for any sign that will indicate its beginning.

They are also planning a pre-emptive strike against Iran which they believe will lead to a wider regional war of the kind described in Psalm 83. In addition, Russia has actually withdrawn most of its military presence from Syria, leaving only enough resources in place to evacuate its remaining people there.

All this has led me to conclude that Ezekiel 38 will more likely occur shortly after Israel has achieved victory in the Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 events (which could come as a result of their attack on Iran) and falsely believes they are at peace.