Is Freemasonry A Curse?


My question is regarding Freemasonry. I am born again since I was 19 yrs old and in 1972 all my family was saved. My father became a Christian after 20 years being Freemason. He died of cancer in 1986 as Christian. All my family ( my Mum, my brother, and myself) had a lot of trouble, divorces, poverty, sickness, aborts, problems with our children such as drugs and pornography. My question is: could the curse of Freemasonry still be upon our family? Is it true that we have to break the bondage in each section through the prayer, renouncing in the name of the Lord and the power of His blood?


When I was still a Christian in name only, I was also a Freemason. Over a seven-year period, I served in all the leadership positions including Master of the Lodge. After I was born again the Lord told me to leave the Masonic Lodge so I did. I later learned that its theological position is incompatible with Biblical Christianity.

I have never believed that it’s a demonic organization in the sense that it curses people’s lives. Along with many others, I see Freemasonry as more of a false religion than anything else. There are many families who are not involved in Freemasonry who have histories similar to yours, so this is not something that’s unique to Freemasonry, nor is it necessarily due to carrying some kind of generational curse.

The Bible tells us how to protect ourselves from spiritual attack (Ephesians 6:10-18) It also says we have divine power to demolish strongholds (2 Cor. 10:3-5) and that the devil will flee from us if we resist Him (James 4:7). Be sure you’ve done all these things before deciding you’re the victim of a curse.