Is Gun Ownership Biblical?


With all the talk about guns lately, it is making me wonder if we should get one. What do you consider to be the biblical perspective of a Christian having a gun for protection purposes?


I don’t think gun ownership is a Biblical issue. Whether for sporting or personal security purposes, gun ownership is and in my opinion should remain a matter of personal preference.

People who try to use Matt. 26:52 to say the Bible is against gun ownership have misinterpreted the passage. Jesus was being arrested by a large contingent of soldiers. Peter drew his sword and stepped between Jesus and the soldiers as if to defend Him. Jesus warned him that if he didn’t put his sword away the soldiers would draw their swords and he wouldn’t survive. Earlier He had advised the disciples if they didn’t have a sword to sell their cloaks and buy one (Luke 22:36). Therefore He couldn’t have been opposed to owning a weapon for self-defense.