Is Serving In The Military Biblical?


My problem has to do with serving in the military. When I graduate, I plan on joining the marines. The problem lies with my Jehovah’s Witness father. He believes that by me joining the marines, voting, and getting involved in other “worldly” things, I’m serving Satan. He brings out their “reasoning from the scriptures” book to twist God’s word around. He gets angry and yells about how I’m “a servant of the devil”, and threatens to have noting to do with me.

I could live with this, even though we are very close, except for the fact that this would keep me from seeing my younger sister. I know, in the bottom of my heart, that God has a plan for me that involves the military, and I have asked Him multiple times if this is His will, and He has confirmed it every time. What verses in the Bible can I use to try and persuade my dad that the marines are okay, and is there any hope of convincing him that they are not satanic? I want to praise God for giving me a great mother who is a strong christian woman, and who kept me straight as I grew up!!


The Bible doesn’t say anything for or against serving in the military, but it has plenty to say about following God’s will for your life. Romans 12:1-2 is one example. If you truly believe that joining the marines is His will for you, then you should ask the Lord to soften your father’s heart about it.

But you should also consider the possibility that this is the way your father is expressing his fear for your safety. Maybe he thinks if he can keep you out of the military he can keep you from danger, and is coming up with every argument he can find to dissuade you. If so, he’s acting out of love.