Is It A Sin To Marry An Unbeliever?


I have a question regarding myself being a believer and being married to an unbeliever. When I married my husband, I thought that he believed in Jesus as our savior. I hate to admit it but back then we both were not attending church and I didn’t know until we were married 15 years that my husband misled me. He thinks we evolved from Apes. Is my marriage to him a sin? I pray that he will accept Christ and realize his thoughts on evolution is incorrect. Doesn’t Jesus want us to bring people like my husband to him? I love reading your site and thank you for blessing me with tons of inspiration and devotion time.


It’s not a sin to marry an unbeliever. Paul warned us against doing it because of the problems it can cause, as you have discovered. But even so, you say you married your husband in good faith and didn’t find out until 15 years later that you were mistaken. The fact that it took 15 years for you to discover that your husband is an unbeliever tells me the two of you weren’t living a Christian life and then something changed in you. Now you’re doing the right thing by praying that the Lord will open your husband’s heart to Him as well. In addition there’s also some good advice in 1 Peter 3:1-6 that can help make that happen.