Is My Giving Sincere?


With a limited income, but through the use of coupons, I am able to accumulate and donate both groceries and health/beauty aid items to a local faith based cooperative on a regular basis. I enjoy knowing that people can use these items and I also like the anonymity it provides. However, lately, I’ve doubted the sincerity of my giving as I leave after dropping these items off.

It boils down to this. Many of the people I see receiving assistance at this cooperative by all appearances seem to be doing quite well. Their cars are nicer and newer than mine, they have expensive looking cell phones, IPODS, etc.

I know it’s wrong to judge others and I also know that my giving is to be from the heart and God knows whether or not it is, but this really bothers me. I don’t want to turn my back on those who need help, but I’m not really sure the people who need these items are getting them. I don’t want to contribute items that someone can’t afford to buy because they had to pay their cable or hi speed internet bill instead; both of which I forego because I can’t afford them.

My question is this: Do I continue to contribute to this facility and keep praying that it truly helps somebody in need or do I distribute those items to people I know who can use them, but aren’t necessary struggling to make ends meet?


We give out of gratitude for what we’ve received and our giving is intended to help those in need. It’s a way of bringing God’s love to the less fortunate. While we’re not supposed to blindly throw our money away with out exercising any discernment, neither are we to judge the circumstances of others. The reason for this is that we can’t really know who is deserving and who is not. If someone who could buy their own things improperly benefits from your generosity, that’s between them and the Lord, especially since you’re giving through a third party entity.

If you truly feel that the Lord is nudging you to help others through different channels then do so. But I think it’s more likely a case of Satan trying to steal your joy. James 4:7 tells us to resist him and he’ll flee from us. Ask the Lord to take away your feelings of resentment and rebuke the devil in His name for tormenting you.