Is Tithing Compulsory?

Q. I’m still having a question around tithing. I want to know why Jesus Christ or the New Testament doesn’t reiterate Tithing if its compulsory in the generation of the new covenant?

I don’t find any direct statement in the NT about tithing although I find explicit statements about other things like “Do not Murder”.

A. The only thing that’s compulsory in the New Testament is to believe in the Lord’s death as payment for all your sins. Everything else we do is for the purpose of showing our gratitude to Him for saving us. To use your example, if we murder someone we’ll be forgiven. But He told us that being angry is just as bad, so we try as far as it’s up to us to live in peace with each other. Not because it’s compulsory. but because it pleases Him. So it is with tithing.

But while there’s no blessing for not murdering, great blessings are promised for giving generously. Luke 6:38 says that the measure we use in giving will determine the measure of blessing we receive. 2 Cor. 9:11 says that He’ll make us rich so we can be even more generous. If you’re looking for things you have to do in the New Testament, you’ve missed the point of the cross. He did it all. The only thing left is to say thanks by choosing to do things that please Him.

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