Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83


In Isaiah 17, after Damascus becomes a ruinous heap, vs. 4 and on speaks of the glory of Jacob waning and the land becoming lean, etc. Is this past or do you think Israel will once again have agricultural lack? And in Psalm 83–scholars say it is yet future. Indeed it sure could be. Do you think any of the ancient past wars, 1948, 1974, or 1967 would have fit that picture as well? Or is it just future?


Isaiah 17 has a dual fulfillment. It was partially fulfilled in 732-722 BC when both Damascus and the Northern Kingdom were conquered by Assyria. At that time many of the Jews were forcibly relocated into other countries and only a remnant was left. (This is what is meant by the glory of Jacob fading.) Later, this remnant became known as the Samaritans. The complete fulfillment of Isaiah 17 still awaits us. And there is no battle in Israel’s history, either ancient or modern, that fulfills the prophetic requirements of Psalm 83.