ISIL And Psalm 83?


It’s interesting that the “L in “ISIL” (the name by which the al-Qaeda group originally called themselves, and by which our current administration still refers to them) stands for “Levant”, which incorporates the countries (Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and Jordan, along with portions of southern Turkey and the Sinai peninsula) that are indicated in Psalm 83.

I’m sure it’s just one more of those “chasing prophecy with headlines” things, but it does make you wonder if IS going to eventually stage an attack on Israel that results in the Psalm 83 prophecy being fulfilled?


It’s hard to say what this group will wind up doing. They’ve threatened just about everyone including the US, Great Britain, and Saudi Arabia. Their latest threat was lodged this week against Russian Pres. Putin, saying they will “liberate” Chechnya in retaliation for Russia’s support of Syria.

But it is true that the countries included in the traditional definition of “the Levant” are Israel and all the countries named as antagonists in Psalm 83.