Psalm 83 And the Gaza War


I wonder if the current military operation in Gaza by the Israeli defense forces is in any way related to the prayers of Asaph in Psalm 83? I wonder if this is a prophetic prayer, hundreds of years ago for God to intervene in this conflict? Could it be that Asaph foresaw this conflict and this is his prayer for God to assist Israel to successfully defeat those enemies which surround Israel? This Psalm seems to describe many of those people groups, all Muslims, who have conspired together to destroy Israel and “cut them off from being a nation”.


I believe Psalm 83 is a prophecy that has never been fulfilled. Whether the current war between Israel and Hamas turns into a fulfillment of that prophecy remains to be seen. So far all of Israel’s other next door neighbors are standing back, waiting to see what will happen. If they continue to do so that will tell us now is not the time for Psalm 83‘s fulfillment. If they all jump in to join Hamas then we’ll know the time has come.