Retaliation In Gaza


What’s your take on the current retaliation of Israel in Gaza?


Neither side in this conflict is being guided by scripture. When the Jews returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, it was because the Sinai was not part of the Promised Land whose southern border is the Wadi Al Arish, not the Nile. This is not the case with Gaza, nor is it with the West Bank. Both are part of the Biblical mandate and selling them or giving them away is prohibited. (Lev. 25:23) Because it violates God’s Law, giving away His land will always make matters worse for the Jews, not better.

Sadly, no permanent solution to either this problem or the wider one with their Moslem neighbors will be found until Israel recognizes her Messiah and invites Him to finally take His rightful place on the Throne of David. Before that happens fully one half of the world’s population will perish.