The Gaza War And Prophecy


I’m curious and as always expecting the soon return of the Lord. If the current trouble in Israel and Gaza turns out to be something in any way prophetic, what in your opinion do you think we’d see and what might it be? It could still be one of the many wars that Jesus said would occur in the last days, right? Yet anything that relates to Israel must have some value in that regard. Also, it seems I read in the Word that Gaza once belonged to Judah. Is this correct?


I think the event that could determine whether this is a birth pang or something bigger is if Hizbollah opens up a northern front on behalf of Syria. If so it could develop into the fulfillment of Psalm 83. Gaza was originally part of the Land grant to Abraham (Genesis 15:18) but was occupied by the Philistines until the time of David. This is one of the reasons why there was so much resistance in Israel to abandoning it, and why it had been the source of such trouble since.