Peace Not Retaliation


I recently discovered your site and enjoy it greatly. I believe the Lord is using it to help prepare people for what is to come and understand who He is better.

My question is this: in light of the support that
Syria will certainly have from her allies there would surely be a very strong reaction to the total destruction of Damascus by Israel as foretold by Isaiah. What would this reaction (in the context of Biblical prophecy) likely be? It seems to me that there are still some things in the way of geo-political and economic events that still must occur before the war foretold by Ezekiel can come to pass. These things could be accelerated by a war with Syria but it would not seem to be that Ezekiel’s war would be an immediate response.


It looks to me as if Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38 are on parallel tracks to fulfillment, and that Isaiah 17 may take place first. I also believe that the severity and the permanence of the destruction of Damascus described by Isaiah could indicate a nuclear response to Syrian chemical warheads being fired on Tel Aviv. Some Syrian military officials have publicly expressed this concern as well, since chemical warheads are being prepared for use.

If Israel does nuke Damascus, I believe the whole world will step back in shock and the cry will be for peace before things get further out of hand, not retaliation. It’s possible that the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 would even set the stage for the false peace that precedes Ezekiel 38. In summary, while Isaiah 17 could take place before winter, Ezekiel 38 is probably still a ways off.