Israel And The Church, Follow Up


I have a question in response to an answer you gave regarding the Temple after the Resurrection. I’ve heard it taught before about the scarlet ribbon no longer turning white and the (Temple) door not staying closed (the menorah was new to me though) and I’ve always thought those things were really incredible. I was just wondering what the source of that information was. Is it Jewish tradition? Church tradition? Secular history? If you could let me know I’d be very grateful.


You’re referring to a question titled “Israel And The Church. Mutually Exclusive?” where I
used these three things to show that even though Israel still existed and the temple was still standing, God had suspended His relationship with the Jews after the cross, and began focusing on the Church.

I first learned of these things from a book called The Fall Feasts Of Israel by Mitch and Zhava Glaser. I believe they’re connected with Jews for Jesus. These things are Hebrew Tradition but according to the Glasers are recorded in both the Mishna and the Talmud lending credibility to their authenticity.