Jachin And Boaz


Could you tell me please more about who Jachin was in 2 Chr. 3:17? I am very interested.


2 Chronicles 3:17 tells us that Solomon named the two pillars at the entrance to the Temple Jachin and Boaz. The Bible mentions three men named Jachin in Old Testament times. The first was the 4th son of Simeon, the second was a priest in the time of David, and the third was a priest in the time of Nehemiah, after the return from the Babylonian captivity.

I don’t believe that by naming the right hand pillar of the Temple Jachin, Solomon was referring to any person, but rather to the meaning of the name, which is “He (God) establishes.” Naming the left hand pillar Boaz could also have been due to the meaning of the name, which is a contraction of two words that combine to mean “in strength”. Put together these pillars say of the Temple that God established it in strength. (Remember Hebrew reads from right to left.)

Some scholars speculate that the two pillars were also meant to memorialize David and Solomon, the father and son team that was responsible for building God’s Earthly home. Through David the plan for the Temple was established, and in Solomon’s strength its construction was completed.