The Parents Of Boaz


What is your take on Rahab the harlot of the book of Joshua being a different person than the Rahab of Matthew that married Salmon? According to R.K.Phillips, they are two distinctly different individuals. He backs his statement up using the Hebrew, and the Greek Septuagint, and the Greek of The New Testament. I have always heard they were one in the same. But there is a large gap of time that has never been accounted for. Please give me your take on this subject.


In Matt. 1:5 you’ll find Rahab listed as the mother of Boaz. There it says that Rahab’s husband was Salmon. He is listed as Boaz’s father in Ruth 4:21 confirming that it’s the same person. I see no reason to doubt that the Rahab from Joshua is the woman listed in the Lord’s Genealogy.