The Parents Of Boaz, Follow-Up


Three sources I have looked at place the beginning of the conquest of Canaan as about 1400-1406 B.C. They also place the date of Ruth as being in the latter part of the judges. One says 1000 and two others say 1100B.C. That would give 300 to 400 years between the time Rahab was taken out of Jericho and the life of Ruth and Boaz. What am I missing?


The 1400BC date you’re using is by no means universally accepted. Many scholars place it closer to 1200BC. The fact is that the exact date of the conquest is not known. And using the 1000-1100 date for Ruth is wrong too, since records show that David was the King of Israel by 1005 BC, and he was the 4th generation down from Boaz, the 5th from Rahab. Allowing the Biblical average of 40 years per generation would place Rahab in the 1200BC time frame consistent with the later date for the conquest.