Judas And The Anti-Christ


In John 17, Judas is referred to as the son of perdition. In 2 Thess, the Antichrist is referred to as the son of perdition. Is there a connection here?


You’re referring to John 17:12 where Jesus, while praying for His disciples, notes that He’s lost none of them except Judas who was doomed from the beginning.

In John 13:27 we read that when Jesus identified Judas as the traitor in the ranks, Satan entered him. At that point, Judas went from someone influenced by Satan to one indwelt by Him.

So it will be with the anti-Christ. When he first comes on the scene it will be as one influenced by Satan, but as things unfold Satan will actually dwell within him.(Rev. 13:1-8). Thus, Judas and the anti-Christ become the only two in the BIble to be personally indwelt by Satan.