US Embassy For Anti Christ?


Do you think we (USA ) are building the seat for the anti-Christ and the one world religion in Shinar? I have read the articles on the new embassy we are building near Babylon. What does that make the US if its so?


The new US Embassy is being built on a 104 acre plot on the Tigris River in Baghdad. It’s by far the largest US embassy in the world and when completed will be a completely self-sufficient fortress compound. Babylon is on the Euphrates River 50 miles south of Baghdad.

It’s possible that with the decline of the US in the world its embassy in Iraq could be used by the coming one world government of the anti-Christ. I’ve always believed that he would wind up in Babylon itself, since the prophecies of Revelation 18 seem so specific, and Saddam Hussein has achieved a remarkable and very expensive renovation there. You can see some great pictures at: