Judgment Before Rapture?


Do you think America will be judged before the Rapture? America has changed drastically the last 6-10 years and I do not recognize her any more. Is it wrong to ask God to spare America and the Christians who live there? I long to see King Jesus and my family. I have many there including my first born and only son. I am so ready, especially since my children are covered and my granchildren are under the age of accountability.


As you say, the America of 10 years ago is hardly recognizable in current events. Our country has been fundamentally transformed. Because of that, I think the judgment of America is already underway. This judgment is progressive and serves as an alert to the Church to get ready for our departure (Luke 21:28).

I don’t think we can pray for God to spare America and the Christians who live here, although I do believe the worst of America’s judgment will take place after the rapture (1 Thes. 1:10). It will be part of God’s final judgment of Earth and will culminate in the country’s total destruction (Jere. 30:11).