Rapture Before Judgment?


Thank you as always for your help in understanding the Scriptures. Is it all right to pray that God does not judge America for turning her back on Him until after the Rapture? I know that after the Rapture America will suffer greatly. Do you think that the Lord in knowing this will use what will happen to America after the Rapture as a judgment?

I realize much is already happening that is leaning towards our being judged now…economy, joblessness, etc. Do you think all of this may get much worse before the Lord comes for His Church? It’s just I’m am fearful. I know I should not be. My husband has now been looking for a job for five months since the company he worked for moved out of state. He’s now receiving unemployment checks and when these end I don’t know what we will do. I want to believe the Lord will supply a job for him.


After the Church is gone the Lord will judge the whole world, not just America. And as bad as this seems to us, the judgment God has in store for the world will be worse beyond comparison. That’s the one He’s promised to remove us from.

But God’s promises are timeless. For 2000 years He’s been saying if we’ll seek His kingdom and His righteousness, He’ll take care of all of our needs (Matt. 6:31-33). That still applies. You trusted Him for your salvation, you can trust Him for this as well. And yes it’s OK to pray for the rapture to happen soon. In fact, God has a crown in store for those who long for His appearing (2 Tim. 4:8)