Leaving Some Behind To Minister?


The day’s current world events leave me wondering if God might leave some believers behind during the rapture to evangelize or minister to those who are suffering. Despite my attempt to share the gospel with unbelieving friends and family, I hate to think of leaving them behind to suffer during the imminent tribulation. What are your thoughts about this?


There’s no indication from Scripture that God will be leaving any of those who are His behind when the rapture comes. Instead, He will commission 144,000 witnesses from among the Jewish people to minister on His behalf (Rev. 7:1-8).

Also, a great multitude from all over the world who were unsure about the gospel before the rapture will come to faith because of it. We know this because many of them will arrive in Heaven in Rev. 7:9-17. Others will be beheaded sometime during the Great Tribulation (Rev. 20:4). But through the examples of their unwavering faith there will be enough believers still alive at the 2nd coming to help re-populate the world during the millennium (Matt. 25:34).