Lot’s Sons-In-Law


I always wanted to know about Lot’s son’s in laws . They did not leave with Lot and the daughters and mocked his God . Were they married to the daughters yet of a homosexual nature ? That was the sin of Sodom. Did he have sons also ? The angels asked about sons and sons in law? Was Lot an elder or judge ? He sat at the gate and that is what I understood that to mean.


Lot had just the two daughters, who were only betrothed to be married, since they were still virgins (Genesis 19:8,14). He apparently had no sons. All we know about the two young men is they didn’t leave with Lot because they didn’t believe he was serious. (The Hebrew word translated mocking means to joke with or play with someone, and they thought Lot was mocking them not the other way around.)

The city gate was a kind of gathering place for men as well as being the place where the business of the city was conducted. Since Lot was called an alien who was trying to play judge (Genesis 19:9) I don’t think he was a city official.