Matt. 24 And The Rapture


In one of your articles you say:

“Some try to say that since the Lord warned them about the day and hour being unknown, He must be talking about the Rapture. After all, won’t people be able to count off 1260 days from the Abomination of Desolation to the 2nd Coming? It turns out that it’s not quite that easy. The Great Tribulation will last 1260 days, it’s true, and immediately afterward the Sun will be darkened, the Moon not give its light, and stars will fall from the sky. (Matt. 24:29) This will be the signal that the Great Tribulation has ended.”

Do you have more on why Jesus is not referring to the rapture in Matt 24-25…I’ve heard some bible teachers say the same as you do but how do you explain that when the AC presents himself as god in the temple, 1260 days later Jesus should be placing his foot on the Mount of Olives.

I most likely am wrong on this but I’d like to see a logical explanation. I know you are busy so if you can share a link with a more in depth study on this subject, I would appreciate it.


Eliminating the Rapture from Matt. 24-25 is easy. But first of all, the Bible never says that 1260 days after the Abomination, the Lord will stand upon the Mt. of Olives. That’s a conclusion drawn by men and it’s incorrect. In this quick summary you’ll see why.

In Matt. 24:15 Jesus mentions the Abomination of Desolation, and in verse 21 says that it kicks off the Great Tribulation. Everything down to verse 29 happens after that. In verse 29 He describes what will happen immediately after the Great Tribulation ends, 1260 days from the Abomination. In verse 30 He says that only the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations will mourn. There has to be a period of time between verses 29 and 30 because three different times He says that the people on Earth at the time won’t know exactly when they’ll see Him return. (Matt. 24:42, 24:44, & 25:13).

Then in verse 30 they’ll see Him coming in the clouds. That’s the 2nd Coming and there’s been no mention of a rapture. Everything after verse 30 happens after the 2nd Coming. Verse 36 says that the day of His coming will be like the days of Noah and identifies two groups, those who were taken away in the flood and those who were received onto the Ark. He says it will be the same on the day of His coming, some will be taken away for judgment and others will be received into the Kingdom. It’s a hint of the Sheep and Goat judgment. Matt. 25:1-13 is about the 10 Bridesmaids and happens “at that time” the time of the 2nd Coming. The Parable of the talents follows, and according to Matt. 25:31 the Sheep and Goat judgment happens after the 2nd Coming as well. The Rapture isn’t mentioned anywhere.