How Is Matt. 24:34 A Sign?


How is it a “sign” to us believers if the End Times prophecies will be fulfilled before ALL those being born in 1948 have died, as Matt.24:34 seems to say? I realized we are given the 70-80 lifespan window. It sounds like Jesus is saying that at least some of those born when the end time starts (1948) will still be alive when He returns . Who really knows how many people born in 1948 are still left alive at any given time? God could wait for like the last 10 Jews to be alive before the 2nd coming, right?


We should think of Matt. 24:34 as an indicator of about how long the period of time was call the End Times will last. In that verse Jesus said,

“Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.”

This is the kind of sign that gives us general information, such as a sign that tells us to stay in the right hand lane because the turn we want to take is coming up. It’s not the kind that gives us specific information, like the one that tells us we’re 50 miles from our destination.

Therefore, we’re not supposed to keep track of the number of people born in 1948 who are still alive to see how close the 2nd Coming is, but rather to understand that before an average lifespan has passed since we saw the first sign, the 2nd Coming will have taken place.