Measuring Birth Pangs?


With each flair up around Israel or new announcement toward a “One World” government I, like so many other Christians get excited believing “this is it” and that I should see my Savior in any moment. But for the sake of the unsaved the clouds clear a bit and things go back to the usual for a while until the next blow up with Iran, etc.

I was wondering on a personal note if you have noticed or heard from anyone else any sort of pattern in relation to the birth pangs spoken of in the Bible. By pattern, I am referring to the amount of days between each of these skirmishes or the amount of time these skirmishes take place and if the times are getting “countably” closer.

It is just a curiosity thing as I look with joy for anything that pertains to our Rapture. Thank you for all you do.


For years I’ve been hearing from people who follow these things that on average major earthquakes, killer storms, drug resistant diseases, etc. have been been coming along more frequently and are more severe. As far as I know no one has developed any statistical model. Of course if they could, then we could calculate the approximate day and hour, and that would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?

But keep in mind, these birth pangs are a countdown to the 2nd coming and the End of the Age, not the rapture. It will happen as soon as we reach the church’s full number, which could be any day now, including today.