More On The Birth Pangs


Are the birth pangs the judgment of God? I have so many discussions with a friend of mine who thinks earthquakes, tsunamis, weird noises heard around the world, sunspots and activity, dead birds,even the crashing economy are all part of God’s judgment against America and the world. She is now willing to cede that it is not God’s wrath because Daniel’s 70th week has not happened yet but that we are still being judged because of going our own way. What do you think?


The way I read Matt. 24:4-8, it appears the birth bangs are the run up to a specific time of judgment known in the Bible as the Wrath of God. And you’re right, they don’t just involve America. The mention of nation rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom, earthquakes and famines in various places (Matt. 24:7) mean these events can occur around the world. Like actual birth pangs, they are steadily becoming more frequent and more serious, but so far they’re nowhere near the intensity of the actual end times judgments.