Merry Christmas?


I came across your web-site very recently, and I think it is not a mistake but for some purpose I came across you site. There are no accidents in the Kingdom of our Lord.

My question to you is on the subject of Christmas approaching very fast. I have been celebrating this event since I was a child and since “I was born again”, I came to know the Lord very closely. I personally feel that as a follower of Christ, we should stop celebrating this event which have been handed over to us from generation to generation.

I need to know your comments about this event. Whether we should celebrate or not? If we are to celebrate, why?

Your mails have been an immense blessings to me and many others. May the Almighty God bless your good work.


Reasons to celebrate Christmas in December have become more commercial and cultural than religious as non-believers use man made laws to try and spoil things for believers. Last year I finally went on record as being in favor of giving Dec 25th back to the pagans and moving our celebration to early September when He was most likely born.

So far I haven’t seen a ground swell of public support, so I recommend that you follow your conscience, and do what seems right and proper in building your relationship with the Lord.

If you want more detail on why I advocate changing the date of Christmas, here’s a link to the article I wrote about it.