Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

Praise God! He has gotten us through 2020. We couldn’t have foreseen the grief and great need that this year would bring. But the Lord has been faithful through it all—and so have you! THANK YOU!

Because of your love, prayers, and support, no one we serve has gone hungry. It’s a miracle. We’ve never faced so much need in our 21 years of serving in GTF. And we’ve never seen God provide like He has during the pandemic and economic shutdowns.

Together, we’ve made sure no one starves on our watch. All while running two churches, all outreaches, providing medical care, repairing homes and huts, and adding the new responsibilities of providing the only schooling our kids have. It’s been both terrible and wonderful. It’s been an exhausting and fantastic year. Thank you for joining us in it!

I’m so proud of our community, and I’m so blessed to be a part of it. I’m filled with love and gratitude for you all. We’ve seen how vital the Body of Christ is to get each other through hard times. We need each other like never before. We have a community that chooses love over hate, giving over hoarding, and courage over comfort. We stand in faith and trust that our Father is good, and He is able and willing to come through for us! And often He comes through for us through each other.

To those of you grieving, lonely, or in need, please find the courage to speak up. Ask for prayer, talk about what you’re feeling, ask for help. Our forum is a safe, private place for this. The enemy wants us isolated, thinking we’re the only ones struggling. He wants you to feel guilty about your struggle because others have it so much worse. Those we serve are in great physical need, but are often rich in family and community. Those who give and serve with us are generally better off materially, but are from cultures lacking close family relationships and community.

Our independent culture tends to leave us destitute in this area. So don’t feel guilty to speak up and ask for prayer or help! We need each other. Email me or fill out our Contact form if you don’t have access to the forum yet. And if you do, I encourage you to be vulnerable enough to share. God cares about every detail of your life. He cares about your heart. And He works through us to help each other. Your courage to speak up encourages others to speak up and to feel less alone too. You might be the answer to what someone is praying for right now. We need each other.

Last year I wrote that we were praying for more growth and more impact in 2020. And the Lord has provided that in abundance. We’ve served and loved and shown Jesus to more people this year than ever before. Hearts and lives are being transformed forever because of your generosity. What a joy to serve with you in this!

When we first began writing these letters, it was the first glimpse you would see of our outreaches all year. Now with our weekly review updates, we get to be on this journey in real-time together! 

This year the Lord prompted us to begin a 40-day prayer challenge together, and the pandemic entered in the middle of it. We’ve prayed and fasted together. We’ve cried and rejoiced together. We’ve had sleepless nights and fears and lonely celebrations. I won’t be sad to put this year behind us. Still, I treasure the experience it’s given us, of living truly by faith each day, with the need greater than our ability, and watching the Lord prompt His people to join in and provide beyond our expectation. What a joy! 

I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for 2021. As we all discover a new normal and rebuild and recover, we’ll be here to love and pray with you. We’ll give the love and provision of Jesus to all He brings us. And with increased need and increased interference, we need your prayers more now than ever before. Please continue to pray for us, this ministry, our volunteers, and those we serve.

I pray the Lord blesses you abundantly beyond all you can ask for or imagine, now and in the New Year!

With love and gratitude,        

♥ Samantha

PS, You can see last year’s message and postcard here,  our Christmas outreach from 2018, and our very first Christmas in India in 2017!